Great travel money rates, everyday.

Great travel money rates, everyday.

We offer a fast, simple, and secure way to buy and sell travel money. At TravelCash, we're always offering great exchange rates at 0% commission.

Today's Exchange Rate

1 GBP = 1.1667 EUR

Click & Collect rate applies to all stores.

With an extensive store network across the UK, we offer a fast, simple and secure way to buy and sell travel money. At TravelCash we're always offering great exchange rates at 0% commission.

Great exchange rates
0% Commission
Fast, friendly service

Travel Cash or Travel Money for A Secure Journey Abroad

Travel cash or travel money is the foreign currency needed during your travel abroad. You can book the currency you want through our online portal and collect foreign currency from your nearest store out of our 19 stores spread across England and Wales. You can exchange currency of 64 countries of different destinations.

Getting travel cash or travel money through our online portal will cost you much less than using bank cards. It's because the bank charges applied on the transactions for travelers are hefty. We are available for local customers to provide them with hassle-free service without charging any commissions. Let us understand it in a better way.

Find your nearest store

Looking for a bureau de change? Buy your foreign currency online and collect it from of our TravelCash stores. Use our store locator to easily find a bureau nearest to you to conveniently service your travel money needs:

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Buy or Sell Travel Cash Online At the Best Rates

It is always advisable to carry cash when you travel because during an emergency you cannot always rely on bank cards. Additionally, there are various non-essential reasons for carrying cash, such as using airport trolleys, tipping service staff and performers, utilizing vending machines, splitting bills, etc.

To deal with such situations you can buy or sell travel money online. It is the easiest way to collect cash from our currency exchange stores. We are glad to say that our online portal allows you to exchange 61 currencies seamlessly. Popular currencies like the Euro and the US dollar are available immediately to collect. However, for other currencies, it may take a day or two. The exchange rates are updated on our website every day.

Exchange with us in 3 easy steps

1. Select Currency

Choose your currency from over twenty world currencies.

2. Enter Amount

Tell us how much you want to spend or how much of your currency you need.

3. Enter details and send

As soon as your currency is ready for collection, we'll send a confirmation email and SMS. This is often the same day for popular currencies.

Currency Exchange for Travel Money or Travel Cash: How Does It Work?

Our online portal has been crafted keeping user-friendliness in mind. If you want another country's cash for travel, then simply go to our Booking Form on the banner and select the currency and place your desired amount for order on the "Click to buy Travel Cash" option. After the order is ready we will send you a confirmation mail or SMS. For popular currencies, it can be processed within a day and you can collect your cash.

Secondly, if you have some leftover cash from another country you have travelled to, then you can also do the same process. However, this time you need to choose the "Click to sell Travel Cash" option.

Trust us and we will ensure to take care of all your currency needs. Happy Journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you place an order before mid-day on a weekday, you can usually collect it the next working day in the afternoon, and sooner if it is a currency that is in stock. You’ll get an SMS once your order is ready to collect.

You pay when you collect your order. If your order is for a large value or a currency that isn’t normally held in stock, your selected bureau may contact you and ask for a small deposit in advance.

You can pay with a personal debit card, cash, or bank transfer. Because we keep our prices so keen, we are unable to accept commercial cards or credit cards.

When you collect your order, you’ll usually need to show some ID. This can be a driver’s licence or passport. If any other documents are required, (for example, high value transactions) your selected bureau will let you know in advance.

Absolutely – and you’ll get a great rate!


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